Actor, Singer, Musician, Puppeteer


Acclaimed classes and workshops for Emerging and Established artists


Musical Director, Composer, Pianist, Orchestrator


Imagery that ignites the Primal Soul

Bryan Mercer

Multi-disciplined Artistic and Educational Professional

Exceptional Musicianship

Bryan Mercer has provided the musical foundation for over 300 productions and is renown for his original compositions, high level keyboard skills, precise direction, and his ability to sing with arresting truth and clarity.

Remarkable Pedagogy

Through powerful workshops and highly transformative educational productions, Bryan Mercer has been able to raise the level of his student’s artistic skills and well as their belief in their own talents and self-worth.

Powerful Performances

With over thirty-five years of professional experience, Bryan Mercer has become known for moving and memorable performances in a variety of roles onstage and onscreen.


With his bold, primitive style and archetypal imagery and themes, the folk paintings of Bryan Mercer have become a favorite of art-lovers around the country, with commissions ranging from local clients to film stars.

Original Works

Theaters, galleries, writers and producers often commission Bryan Mercer to create musical scores and song lyrics for a variety of projects: stage scripts, live ceremonies, installations, and other experimental pieces.

Available to Travel

Though based in the Southeastern United States, Bryan Mercer often takes his specialty workshops to other locations, national and international, in addition to traveling as a freelance performer and director.

  • High level musical direction
  • Striking works of visual art
  • Advanced keyboard skills
  • Accomplished stage actor
  • Inspired production designer
  • Private instruction available
  • 35+ years of creative experience
  • Superlative teaching ability
  • Strong guidance for emerging artists
  • Audition preparation
  • Highly renown theatrical camps
  • Powerful workshops for youth and adults
  • Cabaret performer
  • Singer-focused accompanist
  • Riveting musical performer
  • Creative stage direction
  • Experienced film actor
  • Esteemed musical composer
  • Knowledgeable arranger / orchestrator
  • Able to bring out truth in voice
  • Engaging songwriter

"He finds the gold in any singer, in any song. I wouldn't even consider directing a musical without Bryan Mercer at my side."

− Lauren Caldwell, Hippodrome Theatre

"His versatility and range are astounding. Bryan is multi-talented artist who's always at the top of my 'work with' list."

− Michael Haverty, Seven Stages

"The work Bryan Mercer does in his theatrical camps is life-changing for students and parents alike. That's why they return year after year."

− Chris Moses, Alliance Theatre

Bryan Mercer

"Bryan Mercer's theatrical camps changed my child's life. My child has gained confidence and esteem through these experiences." - Parent after Parent